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Floor Screeding Yateley Hampshire (GU46): Is your Yateley home undergoing an upgrade? Is the challenge to level uneven floors in the main living space, or to revive a damp cellar? A professional floor screeding specialist can be your secret weapon. These experts provide the perfect starting point - a flawless, level base - for your dream floor (carpet, tile or wood) to effortlessly blossom. Ensuring a flawless finish and the long-term durability of your entire floor structure is this critical step's purpose. Thus, before plunging into the selection of floor coverings, ensure a successful foundation by opting for specialist floor screeding.

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Providing a superb standard of service, a decent floor screeding company in Yateley will have the appropriate equipment, skills and knowledge, regardless how small or large the room you require to be levelled. After analyzing your project they will give you advice about the optimal choice of screed and which strategy for applying it is most suitable for your circumstances.

Floor Screeding Yateley Hampshire (GU46)

It might be a requirement, according to the proposed use of the area, for a structural engineering survey to conform to building regulations on flex strength, point loadings and load requirements of the screed floor.

A skilled and qualified work force is imperative for a successful result and will extend your floor's lifespan by using the right type of screed for your room's intended purpose. The correct blend of screed and the way it is laid is also critical to ensure the final quality of your floor surface.

Before deciding upon a screeding contractor from the many based in the Yateley area, ask to what standard of finish they're basing their quotation, and also make certain you get multiple estimates. The Surface Regularity (SR) finish is the figure to look for when reviewing a quote from Yateley floor screeding companies. SR2 and SR3 could be cheaper options, although the floor screeding finish could have deviations and errors, whilst SR1 guarantees a pretty much perfect finish. Any error in the final screeding may cause issues with laying flooring due to flat spots, ridges, indentations in the surface.

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The regulations and guidelines set out in in the British Standards BS8204 must be observed by all Yateley floor screeding companies and they should also be certified by the manufacturers of any specialist screeding materials (Flowcrete, Gypsol, Cemfloor etc.) to confirm their competence and safe working practices. This accreditation scheme highlights a contractor's performance and training in the application of a manufacturer's merchandise.

Commercial screeders in Yateley will generally tackle screeding projects in schools, shopping centres, hotels, warehouses, factories and hospitals.


Standard Screeds - Used in residential flooring projects where the mix of sand and cement is perfectly acceptable for everyday floor traffic usage. 5 parts sand to 1 part cement is the typical mixture for standard flooring screeds. After being laid a standard flooring screed sets at a rate of 1mm/day.

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Self-Levelling or Liquid Screeds - When the highest possible standard of finish is necessary this solution of latex and cement is used to produce SR1 level floor screeding. This is mostly needed to provide a clean, smooth floor over the top of a damaged or poor quality substrate and enables all types of flooring materials to be used. This liquid screed can be laid to a depth of just 1mm, but still provides a strong surface to take a selection of flooring materials.

Industrial and Heavy Duty Screed - Designed for maximum strength and durability on floors where traffic is high or heavy loading on the floor base is necessary.

Polymer Screeds - These provide an extremely high level of strength with a reduced thickness. The curing times for these vary as outlined by proprietary product guidelines.

Fibre Reinforced Screed - The preferred option where under floor heating is being installed in domestic properties in Yateley. The fibres in the screed improve overall strength and durability whilst also protecting against thermal cracking and shrinkage. It has a setting rate of 1mm per day.

Fast Drying and Advanced Drying Screeds - If there is a need to use the floor at the earliest opportunity a fast drying screed may be used. The vast majority of the fast drying screeds are of the fibre reinforced kind and are suitable for a whole host of projects where the swifter drying rate of three to seven millimetres is advantageous.


To make sure that the screeding is of a good quality finish that is hard wearing and durable, time must be devoted to preparing the area before any screeding material is poured. Any paint, grease, oil and debris on the original floor surface can adversely affect the adhesion of the screed, and must be eliminated.

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Any cleaning chemicals that are used in this process should leave no residues, and the floor base must be permitted to dry out naturally. It's essential to fix any crevices or cracks in the floor surface to prevent them being visible and "travelling" up into the freshly screeded floor. An on-site survey will allow your Yateley screeding installer to pinpoint these preparation areas and complete them before beginning to apply the screed layer.

Before any screeding can be laid a damp proof membrane (DPM) will have to be put down to shield the final flooring and screed from dampness. There might be 2 or 3 layers of different thicknesses of polythene to act as a barrier between the screed and the insulation layer.

If the area is susceptible to radon gas then one additional barrier is needed to stop this harmful gas from entering from the ground. A simple airtight membrane could be enough in areas with low radon measurements, but in more severe situations there might have to be a more complicated extraction system to remove any ground penetrating radon gas.

As soon as these stages have been completed the screeding company will put on a primer or sealant to the prepared base. A primer helps with the screed bonding correctly to the base and different varieties exist based upon which screed type is being used. Equipment such as airless sprays can be used to apply a sealant or primer, which should be done by certified screeding installers in Yateley observing the manufacturer's guidelines.

Before any screed is poured, any under floor heating (if required) will now be installed. The under floor heating system will be carefully positioned and firmly secured to insulation panels to stop potential movement during screed installation process. When properly installed an underfloor heating system is an effective way to warm a room and high quality screed retains its heat, creating an even level of warmth right across the floor.

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If you are not fitting under floor heating the screed will now be mixed and prepared in situ and poured. The specific requirements of the room will dictate the kind of screeding used. For advanced and quick drying screeds there'll be at least a twenty four hour delay before it is able to be walked on, and a further 3 days minimum before you are able to install any flooring materials. If you're hoping to end up with a properly finished and durable floor surface you should stick to the manufacturer's guidelines with regard to standard and heavy duty screeds where this timescale will be longer.

The SR level of your screed can be verified once it has solidified sufficiently to be walked upon. The test involves the use of a two metre long straight-edge laid down upon the surface and any deviations from true are calculated.

  • SR1 - Disparities of three millimetres or less as measured over the whole area shows your screed floor to be of the best quality and is categorised as SR1.
  • SR2 - If the screed has a deviation from the straight-edge of 5 millimetres or less it is considered SR2 quality and is the standard for industrial and commercial projects.
  • SR3 - For a utility area or room where the finish is relatively inconsequential SR3 is the specification and should have a deviation measurement of ten millimetres or less.

There might also be a requirement for a qualified structural engineer to carry out a soundness test. The assessment will make certain that your newly laid screeded surface is viable for the load bearing requirements specified in the original site survey. The screeding should be subjected to what's known as a drop hammer test to assess flexibility and strength at various points. Any screeding that's got point load requirements must be sanctioned by a fully qualified structural engineer respecting the BS8204 guidelines. (Tags: Floor Screeding Yateley, Floor Screeding Services Yateley, Floor Screed Yateley, Screeding Yateley).

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Floor screeding services are available in Yateley and also in: Cricket Hill, Eversley, West Heath, Cove, Fox Lane, Darby Green, Minley Manor, Eversley Cross, Minley, Frogmore, Hazeley Heath, Hartfordbridge, and in these postcodes GU46 6FF, GU46 6DD, GU46 6AQ, GU46 6NU, GU46 6QE, GU46 6DA, GU46 6NW, GU46 6QH, GU46 6JQ, and GU46 6NJ. Locally based Yateley floor screeders will likely have the telephone dialling code 01252 and the postcode GU46. Checking this will ensure you access locally based screeding. Yateley home and business owners can utilise these and various other related services. If you need to obtain a quotation for screeding services, this can easily be done by clicking on the "Quote" banner.

Granolithic Screeding Yateley

Granolithic screeding refers to a type of flooring that consists of a mixture of aggregate, sand and cement. It is applied in a relatively thin layer and then smoothed to provide a durable, seamless and hard-wearing surface. It is typically used in public, commercial and industrial buildings where there's heavy foot or machinery traffic.

This technique is commonly used in commercial and industrial buildings, high-traffic residential areas, and spaces that require chemical and abrasion resistance. The resulting surface is easy to clean, durable, and provides an ideal base for other flooring materials.

The granolithic screeding process involves a number of steps, including preparing the concrete sub-base, mixing of the screed mixture, laying of the mixture, and curing of the screed. Proper mixing, curing and application methods are crucial to ensure the strength and durability of the granolithic screed. In addition, the screed should be allowed to cure fully before any flooring materials are installed on top of it.... READ MORE. (Tags: Granolithic Screeds Yateley, Granolithic Screeding Yateley, Granolithic Floor Screeding Yateley)

Multi-Coloured Floor Screeds

Coloured screeds are a type of flooring material typically employed in commercial or industrial settings. These screeds are made up of a combination of coloured resins, aggregates, and sealants that are mixed together to create a unique, decorative finish. The ability to withstand wear and tear and provide a non-slip surface make them a popular choice for areas with heavy foot traffic or machinery.

Customising multi-coloured screeds is an effective way to match the brand of a business or create a particular aesthetic in a space. Facilities that demand a high level of hygiene often select them due to their ease of cleaning and maintenance. By choosing the size, colour and shape of the aggregates used in coloured screeds, architects and designers have the ability to create custom flooring designs that are tailored to their particular project requirements. All in all, coloured screeds are a versatile and practical flooring solution that can add both style and function to any industrial or commercial space.

Latex Screeds

When a floor's surface needs a certain degree of flexibility, it may be best to use a latex screed. Latex floor screed comes in 2 parts, a bag and a bottle, with the bag containing a cemetitious powder, and a bottle that contains a liquid latex additive. Latex screeds are more flexible and quicker drying than standard screeds, because the water that is normally used is substituted for the liquid latex.

Prior to the laying of your chosen decorative covering, this latex product is used for levelling sub-floors. This screed is appropriate for use on subfloors of quarry tiles, sand/cement, wood, concrete and asphalt, to give a durable, smooth surface that's ideal for the application of adhesives. This latex screeding will provide a flexible, crack-free finish, even if there happens to be movement in your sub-floor.

When using a "floating" screed, for example when screeding is being laid over underfloor heating, thicknesses of 50-65mm may be necessary, and latex screeds are not suitable for this purpose.

Screed Reinforcement

Screed reinforcement is a technique for reinforcing concrete screeds to improve their strength and durability. To create a level surface, a base layer is coated with thin and flat layers of concrete called screeds. Their typical application in construction projects is as flooring, although they can also be used as a finishing layer for walls and ceilings.

Floor Screed Reinforcement

To increase strength and prevent cracking, reinforcement materials like polypropylene fibres, wire or steel mesh are included in the screed mixture during installation. The reinforcement of the surface evens out the distribution of weight and load while also increasing its resistance to abrasion, thermal changes and impact.

The risk of cracking and shrinkage caused by temperature or humidity changes is reduced by the reinforcement process, in addition to improving the screed's durability and strength. Consistent distribution throughout the screed and avoiding displacement over time are dependent on the proper installation of the reinforcement, which is essential. With the use of screed reinforcement, professional screeders can make certain that their projects are built to withstand the test of time and provide a high-quality, functional surface for years to come.

Polished Screed Floors Yateley

Polished screeds are increasingly favoured by Yateley property owners who want a chic and modern floor. These floor screeds, characterised by their even, trowel-finished surface, offer a robust and visually appealing foundation for an assortment of living areas. Polished to a dazzling sheen, this technique creates a floor that's not only practical but also visually appealing. The technique begins with laying a cement-based material.

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The low maintenance demands of polished screed floors are one of their key benefits. Unlike traditional flooring alternatives, polished screeds don't require frequent sealing or waxing. Making them a great choice for asthma or allergy sufferers, their smooth surface resists the build-up of allergens and dust. Furthermore, the high wear resistance of polished screeds ensures their longevity, thereby lowering the likelihood of needing expensive replacements and repairs in the future.

Yateley homeowners can take advantage of the flexibility that polished screeds offer. With a wide array of colours and finishes at your disposal, polished screeds can be the perfect finishing touch to complement your existing design scheme. Whether you prefer an intricate design or a more subdued, minimalist style, polished screeds can improve the overall appearance of any home in Yateley. In addition, their mirror-like surface can help brighten spaces by maximising natural light, creating a more inviting and spacious atmosphere. (Polished Floor Screeds Yateley)

Screed Floor Removal Yateley

Extracting and eliminating the existing screed from a surface is the essence of screed floor removal. It becomes necessary in many instances during floor refurbishments or upgrades. The removal process requires specialised equipment and techniques to effectively break up and remove the screed layer. It permits the surface to undergo preparation for new floor covering or other alterations. Contractors with expertise in screed floor removal adeptly carry out the efficient and safe elimination of the previous screed, granting the floor a fresh beginning suitable for repairs, upgrades or changes in design. (16380 - Floor Screed Removal Yateley)

Yateley Screeding Related Tasks

Screeding Related Tasks Yateley

There is a wide range of work that can be completed by your local Yateley floor screeder including garage floor screeding in Yateley, screed pump hire, unbonded screed, floor screed aftercare, cheap screeding, damp proof membranes, shop screeding, fast drying or accelerated floor screeds in Yateley, subfloor repair, flow screeding, screeded bathroom floors, polished floor screeding, floor repairs, floor resurfacing, polished screed floors, thin bed floor screeding in Yateley, floor preparation, lightweight floor screeding, liquid screeding, screed repairs in Yateley, floor screeding advice in Yateley, floor screeding tools, resin floor screeds, waterproof screeding in Yateley, decorative floor screeding in Yateley, industrial screeding, screed floor removal, monolithic screeding in Yateley, granolithic screed , concrete screeding, and more floor screeding tasks. These are just a small portion of the activities that are undertaken by people specialising in screeding. Yateley contractors will be happy to tell you about their full range of screeding services.


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