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Floor Screeding Rothwell West Yorkshire (LS26): If you have a damaged or uneven floor, are renovating a property or cellar or are looking to install underfloor heating in your Rothwell property, it is the perfect time to think about hiring a professional floor screeder. Before it is possible to lay a suitable floor covering, whether it is wood, tile or carpet, the surface of the floor should be as flat as possible; this is why screeding a floor is often essential. A floor screed is a key aspect of most renovation and building projects in Rothwell.

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Providing a first class level of service, an established floor screeding company in Rothwell will have the necessary knowledge, equipment and expertise, regardless how small or large the room is that you need levelling. After analyzing your project they'll give you advice on the perfect choice of screeding and which strategy for applying it is most suited to your circumstances.

Floor Screeding Rothwell West Yorkshire (LS26)

It may be a requirement, based on the proposed use of the space, for a survey by a structural engineer to conform to building regulations on load requirements, flex strength and point loadings of the screed floor.

Qualified and skilled tradespeople are imperative for a successful result and will extend the lifespan of your floor through the use of the right type of screed for your room's intended purpose. There are many kinds of screed and selecting the appropriate mix and laying technique is critical if you are to achieve a top quality floor that is both long-lasting and fit for purpose.

There are several screeding specialists in and around Rothwell so see if you can get multiple estimates for your screeding project before picking a contractor and know to what standard of finish is it for. The SR (Surface Regularity) finish is the number to look for when studying a quotation from Rothwell floor screeding companies. SR1 is the best quality, and while SR2 and SR3 may seem less costly initially, they do not guarantee a totally flat or even floor surface. Any imperfections in the screeding may cause issues with laying flooring due to indentations, flat spots, ridges in the surface.

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British Standards BS8204 lays out the regulations and guidelines that all Rothwell screeding contractors is obliged to follow, and if using specialist screeding solutions, (Cemfloor, Gypsol, Flowcrete etc), they should be certified by the manufacturers as being skilled and trained in their use. A contractor holding such accreditations indicates that they have been trained and assessed in using these screeding products and can provide a high standard of service in all areas of their installation.

Commercial screeders in Rothwell will usually undertake larger floor screeding projects in factories, salons, hospitals, shops, warehouses and schools.


Standard Screeds - A combination of sand and cement which is good for basic residential use. This mixture comprises a five to one ratio of sand to cement. The standard screed dries at a rate of one millimetre thickness each day.

Fast Drying and Advanced Drying Screeds - If there's a need to progress urgently with the flooring because of time restraints, this screed dries much quicker than standard flooring screeds. They're usually a fibre reinforced screed that dries out at a rate of between 3-7mm/day per day and are employed in time critical flooring projects.

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Self-Levelling or Liquid Screeds - When the highest possible standard of finish is necessary this formula of cement and latex is used to produce SR1 quality floor screeding. It's largely used to provide a high quality floor over the top of a poor quality or damaged substrate and enables all types of flooring materials to be used. Even with a depth of one millimetre, the latex polymers within the screed provide a high strength surface for a variety of uses.

Fibre Reinforced Screed - The favoured option where under floor heating is being installed in residential properties in Rothwell. The increased flexibility and strength offered by the fibres in the screed help protect the flooring from cracking and shrinkage due to heat. It dries out at an identical rate to a standard screed of 1mm per day.

Polymer Screeds - A high strength flooring solution where a reduced screed thickness is essential. Owing to their different chemical compositions, these polymer screeds have varying curing times which can be verified by viewing manufacturer's own product guidelines.

Industrial and Heavy Duty Screed - A screed that's designed for heavy traffic and high load areas where the maximum possible strength and durability is crucial.


Good preparation is essential for a top quality screed surface that will be durable and hard wearing. Any debris, oil, grease and paint on the original floor surface can affect the adhesion of the screed, and should be eradicated.

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If cleansing products were used it's important to remove any residues of soap etc, and leave the floor surface to dry naturally. At this point cracks need to be repaired since these can travel up through your newly laid screed and be reflected in the finished surface. A trustworthy Rothwell screeding company will address these aspects during a on-site survey and ensure all preparations are complete before pressing on with the next steps in the floor screeding process.

To protect the screeding layer and flooring materials from moisture rising up through the ground, a damp proof membrane (DPM) will have to be installed. Different thicknesses of special polythene may be used as a damp proof membrane and also serve as a buffer for the screed and any insulation materials.

If your home is located in an area where radon gas is present an extra barrier layer is essential to stop radon gas from seeping through. If radon gas occurs in severe doses then a full ventilation and extraction system may be installed underneath the screed which will extract any gases that are seeping in from the ground.

The final step of surface preparation is the spraying or painting of a sealer or primer. Primers and sealers help the bonding process and are specialist applications matched to the sort of screed being applied. These substances require qualified technicians to apply them in the correct proportions by using bespoke equipment, such as airless sprays.

Before any screed is laid, any under floor heating (if required) will now be installed. The under floor heating system will be carefully positioned and attached firmly to insulation panels to prevent potential movement during screed pouring. When expertly installed an under floor heating system is an effective way to warm up a room and decent quality screed will retain its heat, producing an even heat across the floor.

Floor Screed Rothwell (0113)

If you are not putting in underfloor heating the screed will now be mixed and prepared on site and poured. The particular requirements of the room will determine the kind of screeding that's used. After the application of the screed there is at least 24 hours (for quick drying and advanced screeds) before you can walk on the surface, and a 72 hrs minimum curing time for any floor covering installations. If you're looking to wind up with a properly finished and hard-wearing floor surface you should stick to the manufacturer's guidelines with regard to standard and heavy duty screeds where the waiting period will be increased.

You can assess the SR level of the finished screed as soon as it's solidified enough to walk on. Through the use of a 2 mtr straight-edge the surface is checked for any ridges, dips and deviations in the surface of the screed.

  • SR1 - Disparities of 3 millimetres or less being measured across the entire area shows your screed floor to be of the best quality and is classed as SR1.
  • SR2 - SR2 is the classification for normal standard industrial and commercial floors and can deviate from the straight-edge by as much as 5 millimetres.
  • SR3 - SR3 is basic utility standard where a quality finish is not needed. This level allows for a maximium deviation of 10 millimetres.

If you need to check the screeded floor for load bearing, a structural engineer is needed to carry out the tests. The testing will make certain that your newly laid screed is viable for the load bearing requirements specified in the original site survey. An assessment called the "drop hammer test" is performed on various areas of the screed layer and the results recorded. Only certified structural engineers respecting the British Standards BS8204 regulations are permitted to conduct such tests and sign off on the structural integrity of the screeding. (Tags: Floor Screeding Services Rothwell, Screeding Rothwell, Floor Screed Rothwell, Floor Screeding Rothwell).

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Floor screeding services are available in Rothwell and also in: Thorpe on the Hill, Methley, Oulton, Woodlesford, Belle Isle, Lofthouse, Swillington, Halton, Choley Hill, Robin Hood, and in these postcodes LS26 0NF, LS26 0HG, LS26 0PJ, LS26 0BL, LS26 0DX, LS26 0AQ, LS26 0HY, LS26 0DS, LS26 0JP, and LS26 0AF. Local Rothwell floor screeders will likely have the postcode LS26 and the phone code 0113. Checking this out should ensure you access locally based screeding. Rothwell householders will be able to utilise these and countless other related services. Just click the "Quote" banner to make enquiries and get floor screeding estimates.

What Does Screeding Do?

In construction projects, screeding fulfills several crucial roles:

  1. Compatibility with Floor Finishes.
  2. Surface Protection.
  3. Structural Integrity and Stability.
  4. Corrections to Subfloors.
  5. Support for Underfloor Heating Systems.
  6. Even Load Distribution.
  7. Improving Sound and Thermal Insulation.
  8. Levelling and Smoothing.

In a nutshell, the importance of screeding lies in its ability to create a durable, stable and level floor surface. It guarantees a solid foundation for the floor finish, enabling it to maintain its aesthetics and quality and endure the demands of day-to-day use over an extended period.

Screed Reinforcement

Improving the strength and durability of concrete screeds can be achieved by using screed reinforcement. To create a level surface, a base layer is coated with thin and flat layers of concrete called screeds. They find common use in construction projects as flooring, but they can also be utilised as a finishing layer for walls and ceilings.

Floor Screed Reinforcement

To prevent cracking and increase strength, reinforcement materials like wire, steel mesh or fibres are mixed into the screed during installation. Reinforcement aids in the even distribution of load and weight on the surface, while also improving its resistance to thermal changes, abrasion and impact.

By decreasing the risk of cracking and shrinkage caused by changes in humidity or temperature, reinforcement improves both the strength and durability of screeds. The selection of reinforcement material for a project may be dependent on specific requirements and can be influenced by factors such as thickness, load capacity and finish. Uniform distribution throughout the screed and avoiding displacement over time are dependent on the correct installation of the reinforcement, which is essential. By ensuring the quality and structural integrity of screeds, screed reinforcement provides a long-lasting and reliable surface suitable for various applications, making it an essential part of the screeding process.

Multi-Coloured Floor Screeds

In commercial or industrial settings, multi-coloured floor screeds are frequently utilised as a flooring material. To create a distinctive and decorative finish, coloured resins, aggregates, and sealants are blended together to form these screeds. Their durability and slip-resistant properties make them a popular choice for areas with heavy foot traffic or machinery.

To match a business's branding or create a specific visual effect in a space, multi-coloured screeds can be customised. Their easy-to-clean and maintain properties make them a preferred option for facilities that require a high level of hygiene. Coloured screeds are an excellent option for cleanroom environments because they provide a seamless finish that eliminates grout lines or joints. Overall, a versatile and practical flooring solution, multi-coloured screeds can add both style and function to any industrial or commercial space.

Polished Screeds Rothwell

For Rothwell householders desiring a sleek and contemporary flooring solution, polished screeds have emerged as a popular choice. Providing a durable and visually pleasing foundation for various living areas, these floor screeds feature a smooth, trowel-finished surface. In this technique, a cementitious material is laid and then polished to a shiny finish, producing a floor that is both visually impactful and functional.

Polished Screeds Rothwell

The fact they they require minimal upkeep is a major advantage of polished screeds. Unlike traditional flooring choices, polished screeds do not require regular waxing or sealing. Ideal for allergy or asthma sufferers, their smooth and seamless surface prevents the accumulation of dust and allergens. Additionally, the high wear resistance of polished screeds ensures their longevity, thereby lowering the likelihood of needing costly repairs or replacements in the future.

Rothwell home and property owners can also enjoy the versatility offered by polished floor screeds. Offered in a variety of colours and finishes, these can be personalised to perfectly match any interior design theme. Whether you're opting for an elaborate pattern or a more subdued, minimalist look, polished screeds can enhance the overall aesthetic of any property in Rothwell. Additionally, the reflective surface that they create can help to brighten spaces by maximising the impact of natural daylight, creating a more inviting and spacious atmosphere. (Polished Floor Screeds Rothwell)

Screed Floor Removal

The removal of screed floors is a crucial process in renovation and construction. It is used to strip away existing layers of screed from surfaces. This practice prepares the surface for the new flooring material or other modifications, which is essential for the refurbishment or upgrading of a floor.

Expert contractors who have experience in this sort of work play a pivotal role in completing this complex task. Their competence sets the stage for a new lease of life for your floor by ensuring the safe and efficient elimination of the old screed. This fresh start holds great value, whether it's for repairs, changes in design or upgrades.

Screed Floor Removal Rothwell

With the right tools and methods, removing a screed floor is a straightforward process. Careful consideration is needed for both the type and thickness of the existing screed and the surface to which it is applied. Removal that is effective with minimal disruption to the underlying structure is achieved through careful attention to detail.

One of the main benefits of removing floor screed is that it allows you to deal with any underlying issues that might have developed over the years. Removing the old screed layer, if it's uneven, damaged, or compromised, allows for a thorough examination of the substrate. This evaluation allows contractors to correct any structural problems before installing new flooring materials.

Additionally, a fundamental step in setting up underfloor heating systems in Rothwell involves the removal of screed flooring. By eliminating the pre-existing screed, contractors can facilitate a surface that is both level and clean, suitable for heating element installation. By doing so, it makes way for an underfloor heating setup that is both effective and efficient, thereby improving the space's energy efficiency and its comfort.

In the context of sustainability, removing screed floors is consistent with waste reduction and reusability. Rather than ending up in a landfill, extracted screed can be given a new lease of life, lessening the environmental impact of its removal.

In brief, the removal of screed floors stands as a crucial and complicated process within the domain of renovation and construction. It requires the expertise of professional flooring contractors who can negotiate the challenges of removing existing screed layers while ensuring the safety and integrity of the base structure. In an array of different settings in Rothwell, screed floor removal contributes to the creation of efficient, hard-wearing, and visually pleasing flooring solutions by enabling a fresh start for the floor. (16380 - Screed Floor Removal Rothwell)

Rothwell Screeding Related Tasks

Screeding Related Tasks Rothwell

There are a number of different tasks that can be completed by your local Rothwell floor screeding company including floor resurfacing, fibre reinforced screeding, polished screed flooring, concrete floor toppings, concrete pumping, underfloor insulation, floor screeding tools, floor screeding, screeded kitchen floors, external screeding, screed floor removal, floor screeding price quotes, sand and cement screeds, conservatory floor screeding, floor screed testing in Rothwell, coloured floor screeding, screed bathroom floors, underfloor heating installation, unbonded screed, rapid strength screeding, screed surveys, bonded concrete floor screeding, liquid screeding, hospital floor screeding, floor screed aftercare, screed pump hire, underfloor heating screeds, pumped screed installation, floor restoration, bonded screed in Rothwell, and lots more floor screeding tasks. These are just a small portion of the duties that are performed by those specialising in screeding. Rothwell providers will tell you about their entire range of services.

Skip Hire Rothwell

Skip Hire Rothwell

Home improvements and property revamps make us feel better about our lives and our properties in Rothwell, but even so, as with most things that make us feel good there are drawbacks, and in this case it is the heaps of waste that are produced. With regards to floor screeding in Rothwell, it will depend on the extent and specifics of your project. Sometimes there will be a great deal of waste, other times barely any. You might need to arrange your own waste removal, as some screeding contractors don't include this in their quote.

By far simplest way to get rid of this waste is to hire a skip. To suit your precise needs, you can choose between a whole host of skip sizes. Most skip hire providers in Rothwell offer skip bags, mini-skips, midi-skips, builders skips and even roll-on roll-off skips for different domestic and commercial applications.

To get quotations for the different sizes of skip GO HERE.


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