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Floor Screeding Blackrod Greater Manchester (BL6): If you have an uneven or damaged floor, are renovating a property or cellar or are planning to install under floor heating, then making contact with a professional floor screeding service in Blackrod is your best option. Floor screeding delivers a smooth finish to a basic sub-base, and allows you to lay a suitable flooring material, (tiles, carpets, boards etc) over it. Floor screeding can provide a high quality and durable finish for any room.

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Supplying the experience and correct working practices to establish the perfect base for your flooring, a screeding specialist in Blackrod can help you with whatever size room you're renovating. After assessing your project they will advise you on the optimal choice of screeding and which technique for laying it is most suited to your situation.

Floor Screeding Blackrod Greater Manchester (BL6)

A professional screeding company will also tell you if a structural engineer is necessary for your undertaking, in order to check on flex strength, load requirements and point loadings that your screed floor may need to conform with British Standards and building regulations.

The training and skills that a qualified screeding contractor brings to your project will guarantee a successful end result and help in extending the lifespan of your floor or floors. There are many kinds of floor screeding and choosing the appropriate mix and installation process is critical if you are to achieve a high quality floor that is both hard-wearing and fit for purpose.

Make certain that you get more than one quote for your Blackrod based screeding project and also ask what standard of finish each estimate is for. For domestic homes a quote will generally be given for an SR (Surface Regularity) level of SR1 or SR2. Each of the 3 SR levels offer different levels of finish, with SR1 being the highest quality, with the least amount of deviation over the area. An SR2 or SR3 standard might mean there are flat spots or ridges that may cause issues when installing your final flooring surface (wood, carpet, tile etc).

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British Standards BS8204 lays down the guidelines and regulations that all Blackrod screeding companies are required to follow, and if applying specialist screeding solutions, (Cemfloor, Flowcrete, Gypsol etc), they should be certified by the manufacturers as being trained and skilled in their use. The testing and training of a screeding company by a manufacturer is underlined by the use of this accreditation scheme, and offers assurances of safe working practices and reliability on any flooring project involving their materials.

For larger screeding projects in hospitals, warehouses, factories, hotels, shopping centres and schools, dedicated commercial screeders in Blackrod will be needed.


Standard Screeds - A blend of sand and cement which is acceptable for standard residential use. The ratios involved in standard screeds are 5 parts sand to 1 part cement. The standard screed will dry at a rate of one millimetre thickness each day.

Industrial and Heavy Duty Screed - Where traffic levels are high or heavy loading of the floor is necessary, heavy duty screeds deliver maximum strength and durability.

Self-Levelling or Liquid Screeds - Used to provide the highest quality of finish, especially in SR1 levels of screeding, by a cement and latex solution. The self-levelling compound provides a smooth and clean surface over a damaged floor or rough substrate to allow all sorts of flooring materials to be laid. The liquid screed can be laid to a depth of just 1mm, but still provides a high strength base to take a wide range of flooring materials.

Fibre Reinforced Screed - The professional's choice for domestic use on top of under floor heating. This is due to the improved strength and protection against thermal cracking and shrinkage offered by the special fibres within the screed mix. It dries out at an identical rate to a standard screed, at about 1mm per day.

Advanced Drying and Fast Drying Screeds - As the name suggest, these screeds dry at a quicker rate and allow you to use the floor area much sooner. The vast majority of the fast drying screeds are fibre reinforced and are suitable for a wide variety of projects where the swifter curing rate of 3-7mm/day is an advantage.

Polymer Screeds - When a decreased thickness of floor is needed due to construction factors, a polymer screed offers a high strength solution to the situation. The curing times for these vary according to proprietary product guidelines.

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Screeding companies will have to fully prepare the area before proceeding with any other work in order to ensure a hard wearing and quality screed flooring. Any debris, oil, grease and paint on the original floor surface can affect the bonding of the screed, and must be eliminated.

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Any cleansing chemicals that are used in this phase should leave no residues, and the floor base must be permitted to dry out naturally. It's essential to mend any cracks in the floor surface to prevent them being reflected and "travelling" upwards into your newly screeded floor. An on-site survey will allow the screeding specialist to take note of this preparation work and tackle it before starting to pour the screeding layer.

To shield the flooring materials and screed layer from dampness rising up through the ground, a DPM (damp proof membrane) must be laid. There could be two or three layers of different thicknesses of polythene to act as a barrier between the screed and the insulation layer.

If the area is at risk from radon gas then another barrier is essential to stop this harmful gas from entering via the ground. A simple airtight membrane may be suitable in areas with relatively low radon measurements, but in more extreme cases there might need to be a more sophisticated extraction and ventilation system to take away any harmful radon gas.

Once these steps have been taken the screeders will apply a primer or sealer to the prepared base surface. Sealers and primers help the bonding process and are specialist applications matched to the kind of screed being used. These materials require qualified technicians to apply them in the correct proportions by using airless sprays and other bespoke equipment.

This is the time that underfloor heating can be installed and laid out in the correct manner. The cabling and heating pipes are securely mounted on insulation panels to prevent any movement and ensure that they are held in the correct position. Under floor heating is one of the most efficient ways to heat a room and a skillfully installed system will produce even warmth all over the floor.

Floor Screed Blackrod (01942)

The screeding can now be prepared in situ and spread onto the floor base. Your use of the room will assist the screeding contractor on what kind of screed is ideal for your needs. After the pouring of the screed there'll be at least 24 hours (for quick drying screeds) before you're able to walk upon the surface, and a 72 hrs minimum setting period before the laying of any flooring materials. If you are using heavy duty or standard screeds the curing time is longer and the manufacturer's guidelines must be adhered to so as to get the best possible finish to your floor.

As soon as the screed has set it can be quality checked to ascertain its SR standard. The test involves using a 2m straight edge laid on the surface and any deviations from true are calculated.

  • SR1 - Over the whole floor area, if there are no disparities of more than three millimetres from the straight-edge, then you have a top quality SR1 specification surface.
  • SR2 - The normal standard flooring in commercial and industrial builds is classed as SR2 and has a maximum deviation of 5mm across the whole screeded floor.
  • SR3 - For other floors where the quality of finish is relatively immaterial SR3 is the standard and should have a maximum deviation measurement of ten millimetres or less.

If you need to check the screeded floor for load bearing, a structural engineer is necessary to carry out the tests. The assessment will make sure that your newly laid screeding is viable for the load point requirements specified in the site survey. A drop hammer test will be carried out on several areas of the screed layer and the outcomes noted. The precise measurement and testing tools required mean this can only be carried out by a fully qualified structural engineer following the British Standards BS8204 guidelines. (Tags: Screeding Blackrod, Floor Screed Blackrod, Floor Screeding Blackrod, Floor Screeding Services Blackrod).

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Floor screeding is available in Blackrod and also in nearby places like: Limbrick, Grimeford Village, Rivington, Lostock, Deane, Anderton, Barrow Bridge, Cooper Turning, Middlebrook, Bottom o the Moor, Haigh, and in these postcodes BL6 5LX, BL6 5JT, BL6 5RR, BL6 5JX, BL6 5EE, BL5 3NJ, BL6 5AF, BL6 5UQ, BL6 5LW, and BL6 5DT. Local Blackrod floor screeders will most likely have the dialling code 01942 and the postcode BL6. Checking this can guarantee you are accessing local floor screeding. Blackrod property owners can benefit from these and various other floor related services. If you want to obtain a quotation for screeding services, you can easily do so by clicking on the "Quote" banner.

Latex Screed Blackrod

It is advantageous to use a latex self-levelling screeding when a level of flexibility is needed in a floor's surface. Latex floor screed comes in 2 parts, a bag and a bottle, with the bag containing a cement based compound, and a bottle that contains a liquid latex mixture. Latex screeds are more flexible and quicker drying than other types of screed, because the water that's normally used is substituted for the latex liquid.

This latex screed product is used to level-out a sub-floor before the final decorative surface is installed. Giving a resilient, smooth surface that's perfect for the application of flooring adhesives, this screed is is suitable for use on substrate of asphalt, stone tiles, wood, concrete and sand/cement. If there happens to be any movement in the subfloor this type of latex screeding will produce a crack-free, flexible finish on which you can lay your final floor coverings.

With "floating" screeds, for instance when a screed is being laid on the top of a membrane of either thermal or acoustic insulation, latex floor screeds won't be a suitable choice. Floating screeds with a depth of 50 to 75 millimetres are often used over underfloor heating.

Screed Reinforcement

Screed reinforcement is a technique for reinforcing concrete screeds to improve their strength and durability. Screeds are flat, thin layers of concrete that are applied to a base layer to create a level surface. In building projects, they have a common use as flooring, and they can also serve as a finishing layer for ceilings and walls.

Floor Screed Reinforcement

Reinforcement materials, such as wire, fibres or steel mesh, are embedded within the screed mixture during the installation process to increase strength and prevent cracking. The reinforcement helps to distribute the weight and load of the surface evenly, while also improving its resistance to abrasion, thermal changes and impact.

The uniform distribution of reinforcement throughout the screed and preventing displacement over time depend on its correct installation, which is essential. By using screed reinforcement, screeding professionals can create projects that are built to last and provide a high-quality, functional surface for years to come.

Granolithic Screeding

Granolithic screeding is a popular flooring material which is commonly used in heavy-duty environments due to its strength and durability. It's made from a mixture of cement, aggregate, sand, and sometimes pigments, which are combined to make a mortar-like mixture. The mixture is poured onto the floor and then smoothed out to a level surface.

Granolithic screeding is normally used in commercial and industrial buildings and also in high-traffic areas in residential buildings. It is also commonly used in areas where chemical and abrasion resistance are needed. The resulting surface is smooth and hard, which makes it easy to maintain and clean, and provides a perfect base for other flooring products.

The granolithic screeding process involves preparation of the concrete sub-base, mixing the screed mixture, laying the mixture, and giving it time to cure. Proper application and curing techniques are crucial for the longevity and strength of the screed. The screed must be fully cured before any additional flooring products are laid.... READ MORE. (Tags: Granolithic Screeding Blackrod, Granolithic Floor Screeding Blackrod, Granolithic Screeds Blackrod)

Polished Floor Screeds Blackrod

Polished screeds are increasingly favoured by home and property owners in Blackrod who want a chic and contemporary floor. Providing a durable and attractive foundation for different living spaces, these screeds feature a smooth, trowel-finished surface. To create a floor that combines visual appeal with functionality, a cement-based material is laid down before being polished to a glossy finish.

Polished Screeds Blackrod

A major advantage of polished screed floors is their minimal maintenance needs. Polished screeds, unlike traditional flooring options, don't demand regular sealing or waxing. Their smooth, seamless surface repels allergens and dust, making them ideal for individuals with asthma or allergies. Due to their high wear resistance, polished screeds offer a cost-effective solution, reducing the likelihood of future replacements and repairs.

Householders in Blackrod can also enjoy the flexibility offered by polished screed floors. From a palette of colours to a selection of finishes, polished screeds provide the ability to personalise your space and match your decor and taste. Polished screeds can improve the overall aesthetic of any Blackrod home, whether one chooses an intricate pattern or a more minimalist design. Furthermore, their mirror-like surface can enhance brightness in spaces by maximising natural light, resulting in a more spacious and inviting atmosphere. (Polished Screeds Blackrod)

Screed Floor Removal

Screed floor removal is a vital process in the world of renovation and construction, employed to strip away existing layers of screed from surfaces. The upgrading or refurbishment of a floor is facilitated by this procedure, which prepares the surface for the new flooring material or other modifications.

Only professional contractors with experience in screed floor removal can execute this complex task with the necessary skill and care. Their proficiency sets the stage for a fresh start for the floor by guaranteeing the safe and successful elimination of the old screeding. This fresh start holds great significance, whether it's for changes in design, upgrades or repairs.

Screed Floor Removal Blackrod

Specialist techniques and equipment are used to remove screed floors, ensuring that the job is done efficiently and quickly. To proceed, one must carefully assess the existing screed type, thickness, and the surface it's being applied to. Attention to detail is essential for effective removal with minimal disruption to the underlying structure.

One of the main benefits of removing screed floors is that it allows you to deal with any underlying issues that might have developed over time. Removing the old screed layer, if it's damaged, uneven, or otherwise compromised, allows for a thorough evaluation of the underlayer. By performing this examination, flooring specialists can identify and fix any structural issues before the installation of new flooring materials.

Moreover, for the implementation of an underfloor heating system in Blackrod, removing the screed floor is a major preliminary step. By eliminating the existing screed, contractors can facilitate a surface that is both clean and level, suitable for heating element installation. This approach facilitates an efficient and effective underfloor heating setup, thereby increasing the space's energy efficiency and comfort.

Regarding sustainability, the act of screed removal is in harmony with the objectives of material waste reduction and reusability. Often, it can be recycled or repurposed in other construction projects, minimising the environmental impact of its removal.

In short, a crucial and complex process within the realm of construction and renovation is screed floor removal. The expertise of specialist contractors is required to negotiate the challenges of removing old layers of screed while ensuring the integrity and safety of the underpinning structure. In a range of different residential and commercial settings in Blackrod, screed floor removal contributes to the creation of efficient, durable, and visually pleasing flooring solutions by enabling a fresh, new start for the floor. (16380 - Screed Floor Removal Blackrod)

The Tools You'll Need For Floor Screeding

  • Trowel
  • Heavy Duty Spirit Level
  • Buckets
  • Knee Protectors
  • Dappling Bar
  • Shovel
  • Straight Edge
  • Gloves
  • Floor Profile
  • Float
  • Measure

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