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Floor Screeding Brockenhurst Hampshire (SO42): If you are renovating a property or basement, are planning to install underfloor heating or have an uneven or damaged floor, then making contact with a professional floor screeding company in Brockenhurst is your best option. A screed is used to generate a smooth floor surface over a rough concrete sub-base and provide a solid foundation for your choice of top flooring material. A floor screed is a fundamental element of many renovation and building projects in Brockenhurst.

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Supplying the expertise and correct working methods to generate a perfect base for your floor, a floor screeding company in Brockenhurst can help you with whatever size room or area you're remodeling. After assessing your project they'll advise you about the perfect choice of screeding and which method of applying it is most suited to your circumstances.

Floor Screeding Brockenhurst Hampshire (SO42)

It may be necessary, based on the proposed use of the area, for a structural engineering survey to abide by building regulations on load bearing, point loadings and flex strength of the screed floor.

A qualified and skilled work force is necessary for a successful result and will extend the life of your floor by using the correct kind of screed for the intended purpose of your room. A correct mixture of screed and the methods used for laying it are also vital to ensure the final durability of your floor surface.

Ensure you get more than one price quote for your Brockenhurst floor screeding project and also ask what standard of finish each quotation is for. For residential homes a quotation will usually be given for a Surface Regularity (SR) calculation of SR1 or SR2. Each of the three SR levels offer different standards of finish, with SR1 offering the highest quality, with the least amount of deviation over the area. This means you may have to rectify any areas that may cause issues when laying your final flooring solution.

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The guidelines and regulations laid down in the British Standards BS8204 must be followed by any Brockenhurst floor screeding company and they should also hold accreditation with the manufacturers of any specialist screeding materials (Cemfloor, Gypsol, Flowcrete etc.) to prove their competence and safe working practices. A company holding accreditations indicates that they've been trained and assessed in using these screeding products and can deliver a top notch service in all areas of their installation.

Brockenhurst commercial screeders will be involved in floor screeding in shops, factories, hospitals, hotels, schools and warehouses.


Standard Screeds - A combination of sand and cement which is ideal for regular domestic use. This mix comprises a 5:1 ratio of sand to cement. After being laid a standard screed mix sets at a rate of 1mm/day.

Polymer Screeds - When a decreased thickness of floor is necessary due to building factors, a polymer screed provides an extremely high strength resolution to this problem. Manufacturer's guidelines for drying times differ across the various product ranges.

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Industrial and Heavy Duty Screed - Developed for maximum durability and strength on floors where traffic is high or specific loading of the floor base is required.

Fibre Reinforced Screed - The favoured option where underfloor heating is being installed in residential homes in Brockenhurst. The special fibres in this screed mix increase overall strength and durability whilst also safeguarding against thermal shrinkage and cracking. At around one millimetre per day, it has a similar setting rate to standard floor screed.

Self-Levelling or Liquid Screeds - A latex and cement mixture which can produce the highest standard of finish to SR1 levels. Typically used to improve a poor substrate level or damaged floor to enable the laying of a new flooring surface, such as vinyl planks over it. They can be as little as one millimetre thick, and due to the latex polymers, will still provide a high strength finish.

Fast Drying and Advanced Drying Screeds - If there's a need to use the area in question at the earliest opportunity a fast drying screed might be a good choice. Most of the fast or advanced drying screeds are fibre reinforced and are appropriate for a wide variety of projects where the faster curing rate of three to seven millimetres is a big advantage.


To guarantee the screeding is of a high quality finish that is hard wearing and durable, time should be devoted to preparing the area before any screed is poured. Any oil, grease, debris and paint on the existing floor level can adversely affect the adhesion of the screed, and must be eliminated.

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If cleansing products were used it's essential to remove any traces of soap, detergent etc, and leave the surface to dry naturally. It's necessary to mend any cracks in the floor surface to prevent them being visible and "travelling" upwards into the newly screeded floor. A genuine Brockenhurst screeding installer will address such aspects during a site survey and ensure all preparations are finished before pressing on with the next stages of the floor screeding process.

A damp proof membrane (DPM) will be put down once the preparation work has been completed to prevent ground dampness getting into the flooring materials and screed. The DPM is made out of thick polythene and different layers could be used to act as a moisture barrier and air insulating layer for the screeding.

If the area where you live is at risk from radon then an additional barrier is essential to prevent the gas from entering via the ground. An air-tight membrane could be sufficient in places with relatively low radon measurements, however in more severe situations there may need to be a more complex ventilation and extraction system to remove any harmful radon.

The final step of the surface preparation process is the painting or spraying of a primer or sealant. Sealers and primers assist with the bonding process and are specialist applications specifically designed for the sort of screed that is being used. Due to their specialist nature, only trained screeding contractors in Brockenhurst should be entrusted with using them safely and correctly and through the use of equipment that's made for this task.

Before any screed can be poured, any underfloor heating (if required) will now be installed. The under floor heating system will be carefully positioned and firmly mounted on insulation panels to stop potential movement during screed installation process. When skillfully installed an underfloor heating system is an effective way to warm a room and good quality screed retains its heat, creating an even heat right across the floor surface.

Floor Screed Brockenhurst (01590)

If you aren't putting in under floor heating the screed can now be mixed and prepared on site and laid. Your screeding contractor will have given you guidance and advice on which screed type is suitable for your needs, in line with your proposed use of the room area. After the application of the screed there's at least 24 hours (for quick drying and advanced screeds) before you are able to walk upon the surface, and a seventy two hours minimum curing time for any floor covering installation. If you're looking to wind up with a well finished and long-lasting floor surface you should follow the manufacturer's guidelines with regard to heavy duty and standard screeds where the waiting period will be longer.

As soon as the screeding has set it can be checked for quality to ascertain the SR level. Using a 2 mtr straight-edge the surface is examined for any deviations, dips and ridges in the screed surface.

  • SR1 - Over the entire floor area, if there are no disparities of more than 3 millimetres from the straight-edge, you've got a top quality SR1 standard surface.
  • SR2 - The standard flooring in industrial and commercial builds is normally SR2 and has a maximum possible deviation of 5mm across the whole floor.
  • SR3 - For a utility area or room where the quality of finish is fairly immaterial SR3 is the standard and has a maximum deviation measurement of 10 millimetres or less.

There may also be a requirement for a structural engineer to perform a soundness test. This test will establish the overall strength of the screeding and the viability for its proposed use. The screeding will be subjected to a drop hammer test to determine flexibility and strength at specific points. The specialist measurement and testing tools mean this can only be performed by a fully qualified structural engineer obeying the British Standards BS8204 guidelines. (Tags: Screeding Brockenhurst, Floor Screed Brockenhurst, Floor Screeding Services Brockenhurst, Floor Screeding Brockenhurst).

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Screeding services are available in Brockenhurst and also nearby in: Bucklers Hard, Allum Green, East Boldre, Minstead, Battramsley, Beaulieu, Ashurst, Lyndhurst, Forest Corner, Sway, Pilley, Stoney Cross, Boldre, and in these postcodes SO42 7TU, SO42 7TJ, SO42 7YX, SO42 7RF, SO42 7RW, BH25 5WH, SO42 7PA, BH24 4HY, SO42 7SW, and SO42 7SA. Locally based Brockenhurst floor screeders will most likely have the postcode SO42 and the dialling code 01590. Checking this out will ensure you access locally based screeding. Brockenhurst householders can benefit from these and countless other similar services. If you wish to obtain a price quote for floor screeding services, you can easily do so by clicking on the "Quote" banner.

Screed Reinforcement

Screed reinforcement is a method of reinforcing concrete screeds to improve their strength and durability. A base layer is covered with flat and thin layers of concrete, called screeds, to create a level surface. Flooring is a common use for them in building projects, but they can also be used as a finishing layer for walls and ceilings.

Floor Screed Reinforcement

To prevent cracking and improve the strength of the screed, reinforcement materials such as fibres, wire or steel mesh are embedded within the screed mixture during the installation process. The reinforcement of the surface evens out the distribution of weight and load while also increasing its resistance to thermal changes, abrasion and impact.

Factors such as load capacity, finish and thickness play a role in the selection of reinforcement material for a project, which can vary according to precise requirements. Proper installation of the reinforcement is crucial to make certain that it is uniformly distributed throughout the screed and doesn't get displaced over time. With the use of screed reinforcement, screeding specialists can make certain that their projects are built to withstand the test of time and provide a high-quality and functional surface for years to come.

Multi-Coloured Floor Screeds

A flooring material widely used in commercial or industrial settings is coloured screeds. The combination of coloured aggregates, resins, and sealants is what makes up these screeds, producing a unique and decorative finish. Their durability and slip-resistant properties make them a popular choice for areas with heavy foot traffic or machinery.

Coloured screeds offer customisation options to match a business's branding or give a space a particular aesthetic appearance. Facilities that demand a high standard of hygiene often select them due to their ease of cleaning and maintenance. Overall, coloured floor screeds are a flooring solution that can add function and style to any industrial or commercial space, making them a practical and versatile choice.

Granolithic Screeding

Granolithic screeding is a process of creating a smooth and even surface for floor coverings like tiles or carpets. It involves mixing aggregate, sand and cement to form a mixture, which is then applied to a concrete base. The mixture is levelled with a straightedge to give it a smooth, seamless surface.

The resulting flooring is easy to clean, slip-resistant and hard-wearing, making it ideal for use in areas with high foot traffic, such as schools, factories and shopping centres.

Granolithic screeding is typically applied over a concrete base, and the surface is usually treated with a curing compound to make sure it sets correctly. Once cured, it creates a seamless floor with a smooth, hard surface that is resistant to excessive wear. It is also highly resistant to chemicals and water, which makes it ideal for use in environments where there's a chance of spills or exposure to hazardous materials.... READ MORE. (Tags: Granolithic Screeds Brockenhurst, Granolithic Floor Screeding Brockenhurst, Granolithic Screeding Brockenhurst)

Latex Floor Screed Brockenhurst

When a floor's surface needs a degree of flexibility, it is better to use a latex self-levelling floor screed. Latex floor screeds usually comprise 2 parts - a cementitious powder and a liquid latex mixture. The liquid latex additive replaces the water that's used in other types of screed, making it more flexible and quicker drying.

This latex screed compound is used to level-out a sub-floor before the final decorative surface is laid. This screeding is suitable for use on subfloors of stone tiles, concrete, sand/cement, wood and asphalt, to give a resilient, smooth surface which is perfect for the application of adhesives. If your sub-floor has any movement in it, this type of latex screed will give you a crack-free, flexible finish, onto which your final floor coverings can be laid.

Latex flooring screeds are not suitable where "floating" screeds are needed, for example when a screed is being laid over a membrane of either acoustic or thermal insulation, such as may be the case when you are screeding on top of underfloor heating, and screed depths of 50 to 75 millimetres may be necessary.

Screed Floor Removal

In construction and renovation, screed floor removal is an important process. It is used to strip away existing screed layers from surfaces. The upgrading or refurbishment of a floor requires this essential procedure. It facilitates the preparation of the surface for new flooring or other modifications.

This complex task can be effectively and safely performed by specialist contractors who have the expertise and experience in this type of work. The safe and efficient elimination of the old screed is ensured by their competence, laying the groundwork for a fresh start for your floor. Repairs, upgrades and changes in design are just some of the things that make this fresh start significant.

Screed Floor Removal Brockenhurst

Specialist equipment and techniques are used to remove screed floors, ensuring that the job is done efficiently and quickly. Considering the thickness, type, and the applied surface of the existing screed is imperative. Attention to detail is essential for successful removal with minimal disruption to the underlying structure.

A key advantage of removing screed flooring is the opportunity to fix any problems that have arisen over time. A thorough assessment of the substrate is possible only after removing the old layer of screed, if it is uneven, damaged, or compromised. This inspection allows screeding specialists to correct any structural problems before the installation of new flooring materials.

In addition to that, the removal of screed flooring forms an essential preparatory phase in the installation of underfloor heating systems in Brockenhurst. The process of removing the existing screed enables contractors to prepare a surface that is level, clean, and favourable for heating element installation. This method enables the creation of an underfloor heating system that is not only efficient but also effective, enhancing the space's energy efficiency and comfort.

Removing screed floors contributes to sustainability by promoting reusability and waste reduction. The environmental implications of the removal process are lessened when the extracted screed is repurposed or recycled in different construction projects.

In summary, a crucial and complicated process within the realm of renovation and construction is the removal of screed floors. The expertise of specialist contractors is required to navigate the complexities of removing old layers of screed while ensuring the integrity and safety of the underpinning structure. Contributing to the creation of efficient, hard-wearing, and visually attractive flooring solutions in an array of different settings in Brockenhurst, screed floor removal enables a fresh start for the floor. (85754 - Screed Floor Removal Brockenhurst)

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