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Floor Screeding Twyford Berkshire (SO21): In the context of property or basement renovation, rectifying an uneven or damaged floor, or contemplating underfloor heating installation in your Twyford home, it is crucial to consult a professional floor screeding specialist. Screeding is a technique used to create a level, smooth surface over a concrete subfloor, which can then be used to support your preferred flooring material. This vital process guarantees a durable and long-lasting finish for the entire floor structure, ensuring its resilience and high quality. When you employ the services of a floor screeding expert, you can rest assured that you will achieve a flawless and durable floor surface that perfectly aligns with your particular requirements.

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Providing a superb level of service, a certified floor screeding company in Twyford will have the essential equipment, know-how and skills, regardless how large or small the room is that you need to be levelled. They'll assess your project and ascertain the appropriate sort of screed you require and the best technique for applying it.

Floor Screeding Twyford Berkshire (SO21)

A professional screeding specialist will also notify you if a structural engineer is required for your project, in order to identify load bearing, flex strength and point loadings that your flooring may require to conform with current British Standards and building regulations.

The skills and training that a screeding specialist brings to your project should guarantee a high quality result and help to lengthen the lifespan of your floor or floors. There are numerous kinds of floor screeding and choosing the right mix and installation process is crucial to achieve a top quality floor which is long-lasting and fit for purpose.

Before picking out a floor screeding specialist from those based in the Twyford area, ask to what standard of finish they are basing their quote, and also ensure that you get multiple estimates. The price quote should be based on what is called the Surface Regularity, or SR calculation. Each of the three SR levels provide different qualities of finish, with SR1 being the best, with the smallest amount of deviation over the area of the floor. Any imperfections in the final screeding can cause issues with laying flooring owing to flat spots, ridges, indentations in the floor surface.

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The rules and regulations specified in the British Standards BS8204 have to be observed by any Twyford floor screeding contractor and they should also be certified by the manufacturers of specialist screeding materials (Gypsol, Flowcrete, Cemfloor etc.) to substantiate their safe working practices and competence. This accreditation program demonstrates a company's training and ability in the usage of a manufacturer's screeding merchandise.

Twyford commercial screeders may be involved in floor screeding in pubs, hospitals, shopping centres, warehouses, schools and factories.


Standard Screeds - Widely used in residential projects where the mixture of cement and sand is perfectly acceptable for normal floor traffic use. This mixture comprises a 5:1 ratio of sand to cement. After laying a standard screed mixture sets at a rate of just 1mm/day.

Fast Drying and Advanced Drying Screeds - As the name would suggest, these screeds dry quickly and allow you to use the floor area much sooner. Drying at a rate of 3-7mm/day, determined by the specialised mix, they are usually a fibre reinforced kind of screed and are great for flooring projects which have tight schedules.

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Industrial and Heavy Duty Screed - Where traffic levels are expected to be high or heavy loading of the floor is necessary, heavy duty screeds allow for maximum durability and strength.

Fibre Reinforced Screed - The preferred option for professional installers where under floor heating is being installed in domestic homes in Twyford. This is due to the increased durability and protection against thermal shrinkage and cracking provided by the fibres within the screed mix. At about 1mm per day, it has the same curing rate to standard floor screed.

Self-Levelling or Liquid Screeds - When the highest possible standard of finish is needed this solution of cement and latex is used to create SR1 quality screeding. It is mostly used to produce a smooth, clean floor over the top of a poor quality or damaged substrate and results in a surface finish onto which all kinds of flooring materials can be laid. They can be as little as 1mm in depth, and due to the latex polymers, will still provide a high strength finish.

Polymer Screeds - An extremely high strength flooring solution where a reduced screed thickness is essential. Polymer screeds are available from many screed manufacturers and on account of their diverse chemical compositions have specific setting times for each individual product.


Screeding installers will need to carefully prepare the area before any other work in order to ensure a hard wearing and quality screed flooring. It's important that all contaminants such as oil, debris, paint or grease is eliminated from the floor surface before pouring any screed, as these can affect the adhesion process that a good quality floor screed demands.

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If cleaning products have been used it is vital to remove any traces of detergent or soap, and allow the surface to dry naturally. At this stage any cracks need to be mended as these can easily travel up through your laid screed and be visible in the finished floor surface. A professional Twyford screeding contractor will address such problems during the site survey and make certain that all preparations are completed before pressing on with the next stages of the floor screeding process.

Before any screeding can be laid a DPM (damp proof membrane) must be installed to shield the final flooring and screed from dampness. There could be 2 or 3 layers of different thicknesses of polythene to act as barriers between the insulation layer and screed.

A supplementary airtight barrier could be required if your home is in a location that's known to be prone to radon gas emissions. A simple airtight membrane could be sufficient in areas with low levels of radon, however in more extreme cases there might need to be a more sophisticated extraction system to block any ground penetrating radon gases.

Once these steps have been taken the screeding company will apply a sealer or primer to the prepared base surface. Primers and sealers help the bonding process and are special applications specifically designed for the sort of screed that is being used. Custom-made equipment such as airless sprays are used to apply a sealant or primer, which should be done by certified screeding installers in Twyford observing the manufacturer's guidelines.

Before the screeding is laid, any underfloor heating will now set out and installed. The heating pipes and wires are firmly mounted on insulation panels to stop any movement and make sure that they are positioned correctly. Warmth will be spread evenly across a floor area in an expertly installed under floor heating system, and with it being an efficient method of heating, it's a good choice for the majority of Twyford home renovation projects.

Floor Screed Twyford (0118)

If you are not installing under floor heating the screed can now be mixed and prepared on site and poured. Your screeding contractor will have given you advice and guidance on which screed type is appropriate for your needs, in line with your proposed use of the room. After application of the screed there is a minimum twenty four hours (for advanced and quick drying screeds) before you can walk on the surface, and a 72 hrs minimum curing time for any floor covering installation. If you're laying standard or heavy duty screeds the setting time is longer and the manufacturer's guidelines must be followed so as to get the best possible finish for your floor.

As soon as the screed has hardened it can be checked for quality to confirm its SR level. Through the use of a two metre straight-edge the surface is examined for any deviations, dips and ridges in the screed surface.

  • SR1 - SR1 is the highest level and permits just 3 millimetres of disparity from the straight-edge.
  • SR2 - SR2 is the classification for standard commercial and industrial floors and can deviate from the straight-edge by as much as 5mm.
  • SR3 - SR3 is basic utility standard where a perfect finish isn't needed. This classification can have a maximum permissible deviation of 10 millimetres.

If you need to check the floor for load bearing, a structural engineer is required to perform the testing. This assessment will ascertain the strength of the screed and its suitability for the intended use. The screeding will be subjected to what's known as a "drop hammer test" to determine flexibility and strength at specific points. Any screed flooring that has load bearing requirements must be okayed by a trained structural engineer observing the British Standards BS8204 guidelines. (Tags: Floor Screed Twyford, Screeding Twyford, Floor Screeding Twyford, Floor Screeding Services Twyford).

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Screeding is available in Twyford and also in nearby places like: Shiplake Row, Hare Hatch, Shiplake Cross, Holly Cross, Cockpole Green, Crazies Hill, Wargrave, Whistley Green, Binfield Heath, Hurst, Milley Bridge, Charvil, Mays Green, Lower Shiplake, Dunsden Green, Shiplake, Ruscombe, Harpsden, Crowsley, Sonning, Sonning Eye, Sandford, Play Hatch, and in these postcodes RG10 9HU, RG10 9PY, RG10 9AT, RG10 9LR, RG10 9EN, RG10 9HY, RG10 9LJ, RG10 9HH, RG10 9HA, and RG10 9BD. Local Twyford floor screeders will probably have the postcode SO21 and the telephone code 0118. Checking this out should guarantee that you access locally based floor screeding. Twyford homeowners can utilise these and numerous other similar services. By clicking on the "Quote" banner you can obtain screeding estimates from providers nearby.

What Does Screeding Do?

Screeding serves several important purposes in construction projects:

  1. Compatibility with Floor Finishes.
  2. Subfloor Corrections.
  3. Load Distribution.
  4. Underfloor Heating System Support.
  5. Stability and Structural Integrity.
  6. Improving Sound and Thermal Insulation.
  7. Surface Protection.
  8. Smoothing and Levelling.

All in all, screeding is instrumental in achieving a level, stable and durable floor surface. It guarantees a solid foundation for the floor finish, enabling it to maintain its aesthetics and quality and endure the demands of daily use for many years to come.

Screed Reinforcement

To enhance the strength and durability of concrete screeds, screed reinforcement is utilised. To create a level surface, a base layer is coated with thin and flat layers of concrete called screeds. Flooring is a common use for them in building projects, but they can also be used as a finishing layer for walls and ceilings.

Floor Screed Reinforcement

To improve strength and prevent cracking, reinforcement materials like wire, steel mesh or polypropylene fibres are included in the screed mixture during installation. This reinforcement helps to distribute the load and weight of the surface evenly, while also improving its resistance to abrasion, impact and thermal changes.

The kind of reinforcement material used may vary depending on the specific requirements of the project, and can be selected based on factors such as finish, load capacity and thickness. The reinforcement must be installed correctly to avoid displacement over time and ensure uniform distribution throughout the screed, which is crucial. Screed reinforcement is crucial for maintaining the quality and structural integrity of screeds, providing a reliable and long-lasting surface for a range of applications.

Coloured Floor Screeds

A flooring material commonly used in commercial or industrial settings is coloured floor screeds. These screeds are formed by mixing coloured resins, aggregates, and sealants, resulting in a distinct and decorative finish. They are commonly used in areas where there is machinery or heavy footfall, as they provide a durable and slip-resistant surface that can withstand continuous wear and tear.

To match the brand of a business or create a specific visual effect in a space, multi-coloured screeds can be customised. Their easy-to-clean and maintain properties make them a favoured option for facilities that require a high level of hygiene. Coloured screeds' ability to provide a seamless finish that eliminates joints or grout lines makes them a perfect choice for cleanroom environments. Overall, a practical and versatile flooring solution, coloured floor screeds can add both function and style to any industrial or commercial space.

Latex Screeds

It is best to use a latex screeding when a bit of flexibility is needed in a floor's surface. Latex floor screeds come in 2 parts - a bottle and a bag - with a bottle that contains liquid latex, and a bag that contains a cemetitious powder. The latex liquid solution actually replaces the water which would normally be used for mixing screed, and is more flexible and quicker drying than other types of screed.

Prior to the installation of your chosen decorative surface, this latex compound is used for levelling-out sub-floors. This is suitable for sub-floors made from asphalt, stone tiles, wood, sand/cement or concrete, is perfect for the application of flooring adhesives and gives a durable and smooth surface. This type of latex screed will give you a flexible, crack-free finish, even if there's movement in your subfloor.

When a screed is being laid on top of a layer of either acoustic or thermal insulation (i.e. a "floating" screed), latex flooring screeds are not appropriate, because in this instance (typically when screeding on top of underfloor heating), you will likely need a thickness of 50mm-65mm.

Screed Floor Removal

Renovation and construction often require screed floor removal. This is the process of stripping away existing screed layers from floor surfaces. This practice is essential for the refurbishing or upgrading of a floor. It prepares the surface for new flooring or other alterations.

This complex task is best executed by professional contractors who've got experience in screed floor removal. The safe and successful elimination of the old screed is ensured by their proficiency, preparing the way for a new lease of life for the floor. The value of this fresh start is manifold, including changes in design, upgrades and repairs.

Specialist techniques and equipment are used for screed floor removal, ensuring that the job is done efficiently and quickly. The thickness and type of the existing screed, along with the surface of application, require meticulous evaluation. Attention to detail is essential for successful removal with minimal disruption to the underlying structure.

When removing screed floors, it is important to address any underlying issues that may have developed over time, as this is a key benefit of the process. A thorough inspection of the underlayer can be performed by removing the old screed layer, if it's uneven, damaged, or compromised. New flooring materials can be safely installed after screeding specialists have completed this examination and rectified any structural concerns. (22264 - Screed Removal Twyford)

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Floor Screeding Tools

  • Wheelbarrow
  • Float
  • Spade
  • Tape Measure
  • Humidity Tester
  • Gloves
  • Trowel
  • Straight Edge
  • Knee Protection
  • Heavy Duty Spirit Level
  • Floor Profiler

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